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Courses are categorized into four (4) types. Being largely research-oriented, there are courses that cater to various research themes.

  1. 1. Major – Set of courses in principal discipline/field of study with prescribed total number of courses and units, of which certain courses are specifically required; 
  2. 2. Core – Subset of major courses common to all majors or tracks of a particular program; required major courses 
  3. 3. Cognate – Course outside of but related to the major discipline or field, with minimum number of required units; aims to complement or enrich the major courses. Any course outside of student’s selected Research Theme may be taken as a cognate.
  4. 4. Qualified Elective – Elective that indicates the area or discipline and/or level of course number from which the student is to choose the elective. (For students of Master of Architecture, Master of Tropical Landscape Architecture, and Master of Arts in Architecture Studies Programs.)
  5. 5. Advanced Special Topics – Topic not normally covered by major courses but selected by the appropriate academic body because it deals with the latest developments in the field or a new sub-specialization or sub-area in the discipline; varies according to the availability of the instructor’s expertise; sometimes may be taken more than  once provided the topic is not the same as the previous ones. (For students of Doctor of Philosophy in the Designed and Built Environment Program.)

 (U.P. Faculty Manual 2003 and BOR Approved PHDDBE Curriculum Proposal 2019) 

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